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Having an accident can be stressful, but reporting your insurance claim should not be. Whether you need to report a claim, learn more about the claims process or simply get help, we're here to help!



If you would like to talk to Dale K. Morgan to report your claim, please contact us today at 269.637.6619

Quick and Simple.

When you have to report an insurance claim, we make it quick and simple. To report a claim, all you need to do is call us and we're here to help!  Otherwise simply fill out our quick response form (to the right) and we'll get back to you right away.

Fill out the following form and we'll contact you shortly to set up a meeting and advance the claims process immediately

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We have all heard the phrase "customer service" but these days it is rare to find someone who is truly committed to providing it. We can honestly say that working with Dale we have found "that person". It is not uncommon to get a phone call from him just to check up on things and you can be assured that if you call "him" and he's not available, " he" will get back with you and "promptly"! (Something that just doesn't seem to happen now days - " a real person" to talk to and "in a short amount of time"), unheard of!


We also have to admit that the whole insurance thing (auto, health, life, homeowners, etc.) is not our favorite subject and definitely not an expense we look forward to, but it is something we totally feel comfortable with knowing Dale has our best interest at heart and the the experience and knowledge to take care of our insurance needs. We have to say that over the last 19 year has been a real pleasure to know Dale and have him as our agent. We look to the next 19 years and the continued "exceptional customer service"!


Thank you Dale!


Pat and Cindy

I sincerely appreciate your help with the refund.  We would have surely lost out if you had not been on top of things.  You have proven over the years that the personal touch is much better than the .com insurance programs.


Jerry Goodrich

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